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Asociația Copia Originală is a non-governmental organization initiated by Xandra Popescu and Larisa Crunțeanu. The organization reflects the work of the two artists and curators, both at national and international level. Between 2014 and 2016, Copia Originală operated under the name Atelier 35, providing support in the production of video works, sculptures, performances, exhibitions, artistic experiments and curatorial texts, as part of the curatorial activity of the initiators within Atelier 35 Bucharest.

From the projects produced and presented during this period, since 2016, with the end of the initiators’ activity in Bucharest, the association has expanded beyond the borders of the country becoming a platform for the production and presentation of large projects with international presence. The curatorial objectives of Copia Originală are to expand the boundaries of contemporary art; to support the laboratory character of production spaces; to include social and spatial texture in cultural projects; to support the production of new contexts and works; to support and encourage visual and discursive experimentation.

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